Accomodation Mercantour National park in the southern French Alps

All the accomodation of the tour:
Our accommodation: Does not consist of 3* and 4* hotels, but pretty little gîtes, mountain refuges and cottages overlooking spectacular views of the mountains.
Our clientele is one which is used to 4* and 5* accommodation, yet when they come to us, they come looking for the kind of typical French mountain gîtes and friendly hosts that we offer. They are in the wild, and therefore are closer to nature in this kind of lodging, typical of such a deserted place.
pre-night :Ecolodge of Villeplane:
Day 1: Villeplane/ Villeplane Ecolodge of Villeplane:
Day 2 : Villeplane/ St. Martin d’Entraunes: Gîte « Le Pelens », « Le Pelens » or Hotels
Day 3: St.Martin d’Entraunes/ Val-Pelens: «Auberge des Aiguilles »
Day 4: Val-Pelens/ Entraunes: «Auberge Roche Grande » or « Villa Noë » Video
Day 5 : Entraunes/ Estenc: « Refuge de la Cantonnière» or « Ferme des Louiqs » Video
Day 6: Estenc/ Le col de la Cayolle « Refuge de la Cayolle »

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