Walking holidays in France in the Mercantour national Park:

Family holidays in France.
We organise mainly self-guided walking tours of 7 days walking, leading to a different location each night. We are based in the Mercantour near the red gorges of Daluis, a beautiful location for trekking. All of our qualified guides are French, and speak English to a good level and all of our literature, information booklets and and detailed itineraries exist in full, in English. There are two options for the transportation of luggage: either a personal donkey to take on the trek, or we arrange for it to be taken by car each day to the next destination.
Option 1 : Looking for a family friendly option? Trek with a donkey! The easy options throughout this trek enable you to enjoy a week of relaxed walking where the children can be involved; the itinerary has been planned for families with children aged 5 and up. The walking time per day varies between 3 – 6 hours, and the ascent levels between 350 m – 600 m. A donkey is docile and easy to lead.
option 2 : Looking for a more challenging adventur Your luggage transported by car! The Mercantour National Park is ideal for trekking; the number of variants mean there are so many new paths to explore. By opting to have your luggage transported by car, you are free to set off with nothing but yourselves and your picnic. Each day on this circuit consists of alternative routes, which allow you to see more remote features and more rugged and austere scenery. The walking time per day varies between 4 – 8 hours, and the ascent levels between 500 m – 1200 m.

Option 3 : Having an easy holiday: taking things slow. Take the time to relax properly
This package is tailored to those who feel they’ve earned the right to take it slow during their holidays. It’s all about lying down in the mountain pastures and watching the butterflies flutter by.
Come stay in our brand new Ecolodge, painted in a unique and incredible golden-brown lime-based color scheme.

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