« Responsible travel:The esprit parc national brand »

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Guided by the values which the national parks have represented for more than 50 years: commitment, authenticity, respect, sharing, and vitality, the Esprit parc national brand promotes products and services imagined and created by women and men who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional territories of the French national parks.

A collective brand, Esprit parc national is intended for the economic players of those territories who are mobilized around the same strategy and the same ambition to develop their products and/or services. Committed to the respect of the environment and the protection of the territories, and carrying a message of solidarity by giving priority to the local economy, for the consumer the brand is a sign of confidence and standards.

Our pledge: the Esprit parc national brand highlights products and services imagined and created by women and men who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional territories of the French national parks..

Sharing our values
COMMITMENT: A brand that reflects the missions of the national parks and the involvement of the local players who live there. For you, it represents a commitment to preserving biodiversity and gives additional meaning to your purchase.

AUTHENTICITY:To preserve and promote local traditions and know-how.The brand offers authentic products, services, and methods of production.
RESPECT :A fundamental value which emphasizes consideration for the exceptional nature of the national parks, for the cultural heritage, local players and populations which make these spaces come to life. For the service providers who benefit from the brand, it’s also a commitment to respect common criteria.
SHARING: A brand which is shared and service providers who are united by the values of the national parks. Discover flavours, know-how and unique experiences inspired by nature!
VITALITY: A value which illustrates a positive state of mind, and reflects the dynamism and openness of the men and women who live, work, and welcome you to the national parks.

Working towards a responsible tourism

Our commitment
To maintain the importance of providing an economic contribution directly to the locals of the valley who live here all year round, favouring a network of ‘chez l’habitant’ hosts and always choosing local products over their industrialised, cheaper versions. This has lead us to create an alternative alimentation; Picnics made up of mixed salads, crops and vegetables from the garden, organic bread, cheeses from the region, etc. 

With our hosts and clients alike, we are developing an alternative idea of nutrition whereby quality, natural, reasonable price, and specific tastes (especially those of children) are united.
To manage a tourism which we control, and not be tempted to delegate or to grow; To maintain the importance of quality and of improving our services.
A question of quality in response to your demands: This year, we are proposing for your last day, an alternative trek in contrast to the classic one (lac d’allos) in order to satisfy the desires of those of you who are passionate about secret and wild mountains.
To instruct visitors to the region about pastoralism, the roots of our culture, through encounters with shepherds on our guided treks.
Looking after the environment:
Minimising the number of plastic disposables in our picnics; we provide you with corn starch disposables without GMO’s.
Limiting the amount of paper used by providing all information on the internet.
Using recycled paper for our booklets and information pages.
Respecting the frailty of the mountain milieu and being aware of the impact of our camping circuits at high altitudes; This has led us to limit our guided treks to only 10 per year so as to avoid harming a protected area or weakening the profession of the shepherd by the donkeys’ grazing.
To provide precise information so as to prevent visitors from being unaware of the traditions and respects of the mountains. Detailed information on our mountains and the lodgings can be found on our internet site www.itinerance.net
Your Commitments
To be a responsible tourist: to be conscientious and chose the right holiday for you and your family. Too often, guests do not read the information provided, and are then surprised that the weather is hot, cold, that the path climbs up, and down, is far, that there are flies, horseflies!
Not to be a mere consumerist :
The mountains are not a touristic product which can be adapted according to the needs of its visitors. It is up to you to adapt in a mountain milieu which can not be domesticated. Our motto is ‘small is beautiful’, this also means adapting to the types of lodging and the way of living.
To try to keep your ecological footprint on the mountains as light as possible. Pragmatically: make do with the means available, wherever you may be, without forgetting common sense.
Not to allow yourself to be alienated by a modern view of comfort which cannot be transported to the mountains.
T o refrain from throwing orange peel, plastic, cigarette stubs (5 years life-span!) etc…
To follow the footsteps of the Indian… no one should see that you have passed here (i.e. don’t decorate the mountains with pink toilet paper) When possible, to use the information we provide on the Internet and print only what is necessary.
To be open to and respectful of our cultures and traditions :
Never mind if we are full, you will be on the ball for getting in earlier next year! By limiting ourselves to a certain number of circuits per year, we are contributing towards preserving the nature.
‘Be cool’ with your generous hosts and avoid adding stress to their already busy summer with us! Our network of hosts is made up of locals of the mountains who have oodles of good will and are ready to welcome you with a smile. They will be delighted to honourably share their home, cooking and their passion with you. They are not professionals of the hotel industry, armoured, embittered and cynical: not the owners of a formule 1, then?! Here, human relations are privileged compared with consumerist relations! They deserve your respect, your frank curiosity and your interest. Do not come expecting a traditional hotel service complete with breakfast in bed, but a good aged whisky to wash down your blue cheese and delicious crème caramel, why not?!