hiking tour in provence

Family walking tour in France.

  • walking tour with a donkey in france

    What is the secret to making unexplored hidden mountains accessible to a family? … a Donkey! These affectionate animals have been part of our family for as long as we can remember.


Walking tour with luggage transport.

  • self guided tour in Provence

    Lakes of turquoise nesting in lush alpine meadows scattered with gentian. Breathtaking passages through a canyon with rocks the colour of red wine. Woods of stern larch trees and stark mineral peaks.


Centre-based activities in the Mercantour.

  • stay all inclusive france

    Our other treks tend to be filled with long, adventurous hikes. This package is tailored to those who feel like less is more. This is the right option if you are looking for an enjoyable, relaxing, and easy-going experience.


Trotting like the wolf in the Mercantour.

  • walk in france

    Wolf are you there? This journey is full of variety. Through the foot-hills and the fragrance of Provence and up to the alpine panoramas of the Mercantour National Park. From the oak to the larch; from the wheat fields to the gentian lawns; from a man-made landscape to a sweeping scenery of wilderness. .


Our mountain in the Southern French Alps.

  • An exceptionally unique mountain in Europe Red gold covers the ground you tread, Forests of larch trees and deserted, wild mountain tops, Wine-coloured gorges with valiant streams. These magnificent areas have been recognized as a heritage of the natural european sites of priority preservation. .

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Responsible travel
Preserved nature

  • hiking tour in france

    Working towards a responsible tourism: To try to keep your ecological footprint on the mountains as light as possible. Pragmatically: make do with the means available, wherever you may be, without forgetting common sense. Not to allow yourself to be alienated by a modern view of comfort which cannot be transported to the mountains.


Walking in the Mercantour, your testimonies

  • walk with a donkey
    Donkey walking tour

    Dear Anita and team, we would like to say Thank You again for the pleasant trip we had with Leonidas! Leonidas is very kind and gentle, especially with the kids, the journey was really well organized, the mountains are beautiful, food was delicious, weather was great... We enjoyed it so much! As promised pls find attached some pictures- you may use them for your website if you like. Hope to see you again someday, Kathrin & Mario, Paula & Jakob

  • walk with a donkey
    Donkey walking tour

    What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday? A truly special experience in a little corner of the Mercantour where time seems to have stood still. We went with the flow of life at the pace of an ambling donkey. Every detail of the trip was well thought out, and the route guidance booklet (which we carried with us all the time) was spot on. The range of different landscapes we walked through surprised and delighted us. The effectiveness of the route marking was also great. The holiday providers team was hugely welcoming and they treated us as part of the family (and such delicious food), and their outlook was inspirational. Congratulations to them on a superb set up.